Drinks Lists

The festival will have 30 different cask ales and also 18 keg beers on, and as kegs run out replacements will be rotated in to their places. We expect by the end of the festival to have served over 60 different beers! All made possible by our fantastic main festival sponsors – and pint glass sponsors:

Thompson Taraz Rand - Chartered Accountants | Business Advisors

There will also be a small fridge selection of alcohol-free and gluten-free beers (some draught beer will also be gluten-free).

There are also CIDER, WINE, and GIN lists – TBC.

Cask Ale List

30 casks of delicious beer…

Keg Beer List

This is the starting line-up for keg. When kegs run out (up to about 5pm Saturday) we will replace them with new beers! 

Cider List

We have 8 still ciders and two sparkling keg ciders.

Wine List

We also like good wine! We have a range of draught wines source from independent UK importers who focus on small and sustainable producers. Keg and BiB is a lightweight low-waste way to transport wine – and the kegs are recyclable.

Can/Bottle Beer List – Alcohol and Gluten Free

In order to have some alcohol free options and expand our range of gluten free options we have a range of beers in can and bottle.

Gin List

Soda/Mixer List