Thank you for showing interest in volunteering to the Willingham Craft Beer Festival. Though volunteering can be hard work, it can also be a fun experience and a great way to get to know your fellow Willingham residents. We don’t wish upon anyone a massive tome of rules, so hopefully this guide may be to the point in order for all volunteers, festival attendees and other members of the public are kept safe and free for everybody to enjoy themselves.

1. Attire

  • Volunteers will be identifiable by wearing their festival volunteer shirts
  • Supervisors will be wearing volunteer shirts with “committee” on the back to make them easier to identify when there are any problems (minor or major)
  • Please wear sensible footwear (preferably closed, especially at the bar) and trousers/shorts/skirts/kilts/etc that you find both comfortable walking or standing in a while

2. Base-level rules

  • Wristbands are only given to paying attendees of legal drinking age (Think 25 rule)
  • Please report any issues immediately to a supervisor
  • Please check the toilets for toilet paper/blockages/constantly locked cubicles if you are going
  • We will need to encourage people out of the facility before 11pm; anyone else other than volunteers would also be expected to help pack up!
  • In case of evacuation please lead by example, help usher people out and leave calmly out into the car park area
  • Remember to put on sunscreen if you’re mostly outdoors

3. Serving beer/wine

  • No wristband, no festival/wine glass – no service at the bars serving alcohol
  • Please ensure that you pick up beer/wine glasses well below the rim; a good way to remember is imagine a line mid-way up the glass and only allow your hands to grasp the bottom half
  • No cash at the bar – that’s what the token system is for (and it’s pretty convenient)
  • The beer taps should be adjusted to a flow rate that is neither too fast nor slow (though if it’s slow, it is likely the beer). If you feel that the flow needs adjusting or has run out please do not adjust it yourself and seek out the supervisor at the bar/token area
  • No children should be in the bar area (or outside minus the park) after 7pm
  • If you need to leave the bar area before your shift ends (eg: toilet breaks) please tell the supervisor so they know roughly where you are

4. Stewarding

  • Please be wary of unattended children (the parentals are likely near by)
  • Please be wary on the likelyhood there are wristbandless attendees drinking; they may be needed to move on (a supervisor may help out)
  • Periodically check our bins in case they need emptying
  • Seek out a supervisor in cases of emergency

5. Entrance

  • Don’t be afraid to ask if someone appears 25 or younger (the “Think 25” rule) if they wish to attend
  • Please never leave this area unattended! There should always be at least 2 people so a ‘runner’ role may be alternated

6. Groundskeeping/setup/packup

  • For pack up, especially putting up/taking down the tent please wear protective shoes
  • Ladders for heights more than 3 will likely need someone to stablise the base