Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to get in?

A: Entrance tickets are £5 per person. This includes a £2 deposit on your commemorative festival glass which comes as a ½ pint stem glass or a pint glass. We encourage you to keep your glass, but if you don’t want to take it home, you can return it and donate the deposit to our charities, or if you prefer, we will give you your deposit back (we are trying hard to reduce the amount of washing up we have to do).

If you are coming to more than one session, bring your festival glass back with you for reduced entry at £3.

Q: Can I bring children to the festival?

A: Yes, children under 18 are welcome until 7 PM on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and all afternoon on Sunday. Children must be with a responsible adult – a 17 year old with an 18 or 19 year old friend is not sufficient. As with any licensed premises, it is illegal for under 18s to buy (or attempt to buy) or consume alcohol. It’s also illegal to buy (or attempt to buy) alcohol for somebody under 18. There will be soft drinks on sale at one of the bars, but all bars serve alcohol, so soft drinks must be bought by an over-18.

Q: Do I need to bring proof of age?

A: At the entrance, the festival supports and operates the Challenge 25 scheme. If you are lucky enough to appear under 25, then please don’t be offended if you are asked for ID to check you are over 18. The only acceptable ID is a government issued photo ID (photo driving licence or passport) or a card showing the PASS Scheme hologram.

Q: Can I bring food or drink into the festival?

A: We have gone to a lot of trouble to bring a wide range of very good quality food and drink to Willingham. Please don’t bring your own, somehow that just seems wrong.

Q: Can I pay by card?

A: All of the bars will accept our own Festival Beer Tokens. These can be bought on site with cash or card payments. Any unused tokens can be refunded in cash, or you can return your unused tokens to be donated to our supported charities.

Our guest food suppliers generally accept both cash and card payments. They will not be accepting beer tokens though.

Entrance tickets and glasses are cash only, sorry, we don’t have the technology to take card payments at the door.

The nearest card machine is at the Willingham Co-op.

Q: Is the site suitable for wheelchairs?

A: The hall is accessible and it has a disabled toilet. The marquee and outside space are grassed and are reasonably accessible.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the festival?

A: Sorry, but the conditions of hire of the Ploughman hall say: The hirer will ensure that no dogs (except authorised disability assistant dogs) or other creatures are brought into the hall or its grounds).

So we can allow you to come in with an assistant dogs, but no other dogs (or creatures) are allowed in.

Q: Where can I find out about allergens/gluten in your products?

A: For beers, ciders, wine and soft drinks, please ask at the bar where the product is being served from – volunteers will be able to advise. The food trucks are all independent operators and they will all be able to give you allergen information.

Q: I am vegetarian or vegan. What can I drink and eat?

A: Ask behind the bar for suitable beers for you, many breweries are producing beer suitable for a vegan diet. Normally all ciders and wines are also suitable. The food vendors are all independent operators and will be able to advise you which foods are suitable.

Q: Is it true that all of the bar staff are unpaid volunteers?

A: Yes, that is true, in fact apart from the Jolly Good Beer and The Bank proprieters and the food vendors, everyone else is an unpaid volunteer.

Q: Are there beer tokens or is it a cash bar?

A: It is tokens only at the bars. Tokens can be bought in the main hall for with cash and card payments accepted.

At the entrance and glasses counter, it is cash only. Sorry, we are unable to accept card payments for entrance tickets.

Q: Do you sell lager or wine?

A: Yes. Don’t expect industrial, mass-produced lager, but we will have craft lager. We will also have boxed wine and fizz on tap.