Willingham: name your beer!

Thanks again to the efforts during the elderflower harvesting; as the big date looms we have one final task collectively and that is to name the festival beer!

Please feel free to submit your suggestions as a comment here or on social media! As per last year, we will put an online poll to finally determine the 2018 festival beer name.


Meg’s favourite – Eldybaby or Elderbaby
Willy the Elder (after one of the best beers in the world, allegedly…)
Elder Power (instead of flower power…)

Willingham Beer Festival

Some more stellar entries:

Hedge Case
Fen Diagram
Ploughman’s Haul
Milking Hill Drove
Not So Much Green Stuff
Heavy Petal
You’ve Got To Pick a Petal or Two
Willingham Elders
Message in a Petal
Sick Leaves
They Have Their Ways
All Right Petal
Eldy Baby
Bring me the hedge of Elderflower Beer
To Infenity and a Frond
Willi or Wonti
Use Your Hedge
Giving Good Hedge
Trim the Bush

Simon Nunn

Willy the Elder – Gets my vote

Willingham Beer Festival

Wow, even more entries hot off the press:

Respect Your Elders
Petal Power
Elderflower Power
Elder n’ Better
‘Elluva Beer
Flower of the Fens
Community Brew
E-Comm Brew
Brew of the Fen Community