2018 Brewday at Three Blind Mice

The Craft Beer Festival is all set to go! At the beginning of June we had a wonderful response to our call for elderflowers. The weather was very kind to us and the elders were right in the middle of their flowering season. Over two long and sunny afternoons a hard-working team of volunteers managed to strip 18 KG of flowers from their stems – a big thank-you to all the ‘strippers’ and to the kind people who collected flowers during their weekend walks. Two-thirds of the flowers went straight to Three Blind Mice Brewery in Little Downham and by the end of Monday our festival beer was brewed. This will be a fresh and flowery pale ale, hopped with a new English hop called Pioneer, slightly hazy and around 4.3% ABV. This year we plan to have two casks ready to serve and unlimited kegs because it was so popular last year. All the profits from the Elderflower Pale Ale will be donated to our good causes.

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