Elderflower Power!

Elderflower picking 2nd - 3rd June

It's back... we're going to have our own festival beer again thanks to Three Blind Mice Brewery!

But first we'll be needing that one special ingredient that gave last year's festival beer it's distinct flavour - elderflowers! Can you help? We are going to set up a collection point behind The Bank pub between midday and 4pm on Saturday 2nd of June and the 3rd of June; please bring as much elderflower as you can and we will add it to the brew. We will be trimming the flowers from the stems so it is helpful if the cuttings you can bring are easy to handle. And/Or help us de-stem the incoming umbels to ensure that a clearer elderflower flavour really shines through.

Excitingly, this year's beer will be brewed the day after we finish harvesting the elderflowers, because we are aiming for maximum freshness. We are going to tweak the recipe slightly from last year, but it will still be a pale ale around the 4.5% ABV mark. So far, we haven’t decided which hops to use, but we want a soft, easy drinking flavour, with some citrussy, lemony zestiness to complement the elderflower.


So... on the 2nd & 3rd of June go get pickin'...

Notes on collecting elderflowers:

1. Stay away from busy roadsides
2. Don't trespass
3. Pick the most newly opened umbels at least 75% open
4. Avoid dirty, yellowing, and part-dead flower umbels

I.e. elderflowers along the backroads, in parks, recs, down footpaths and bridleways are all the best "fair game".

Again this year we're taking community suggestions for the beer name... watch this space!

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