Festival Beer(s) – Elderflower Picking

So… here’s a fun bit of festival news.

We’re going to have our own festival beer!! The guys at Three Blind Mice Brewery will be brewing this beer with our help on June 4th. We’re going for a pale ale around 4% ABV using a fairly modern new British hop called Olicana.

But with a TWIST… of elderflower. The plan is for Willinghamers to collect elderflower umbels on the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd of June and bring them to the yellow transit van parked behind the Bank micropub between midday and 9pm. Here they’ll be processed and bagged to take to the brewery on Monday. (We’re hoping the elderflower season and weather treats us well!!)

As a BONUS if we get enough elderflowers we’ll do a second smaller brew at Bexar County Brewery. (We’re scheduling a festival brew day that week anyway, so there’ll be 2 festival beers… the bonus is they’ll both use Willingham elderflowers if we all harvest enough;)

So… on the 2nd & 3rd of June go get pickin’…

Notes on collecting elderflowers:

1. Stay away from busy roadsides
2. Don’t trespass
3. Pick the most newly opened umbels at least 75% open
4. Avoid dirty, yellowing, and part-dead flower umbels

I.e. elderflowers along the backroads, in parks, recs, down footpaths and bridleways are all the best “fair game”.

We’re taking community suggestions for the beer name. Please post here if you have a naming suggestion. These will be pooled, shortlisted, then voted on (means to be determined) to finalise the beer name.

[ Nice elderflower image from: http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1360308 ]


Neil Banks

Willi Wobbler

Willingham Wobbler

Sue Woods

Name for new beer
Wivelingham Floral Ale.
(Wivelingham old name for Willingham)

Martin Hale

Willberry Wag
Willber The Elder
Of Mice & Fen

Kim Harding

WILLINGHAM WIFEL. (WIFEL being a homestead in village many moons ago.

WIVELINGHAM WIFEL. Hard to say sober let alone after a few pints!!!

Nigel Leaney

Hedgerow Bounty
Summer Pickings
All Things Wild & Wonderful

Willingham Beer Festival

Some suggestions from David Byers:

Flowery Elder McFlower Face
Respect Your Elders

Pliny the Elder

Athelstan (son of King Edward the Elder)

Trevor Weston

The Bank Job

Paul Thompson

Suggestion for name of beer
Thomas Hall (Fat boy of Willingham 1745, Willingham archive history)
Belasius ( commander of Belzars hill fort, historic area of the village)
Docky. (Willingham term for worker lunch break)

Willingham Beer Festival

Cathy has submitted a clever one:

As the beer is going to be brewed by Three Blind Mice and one of the things we say while imbibing is “cheers”:

Three Cheers for the Elder

France and James Watts

Our suggestion is for “Statesman” as a short title or “Elder Statesman” in full in reference to the flowers and the Election!

Paul Knighton

Willingham Sambucus
Wivellingham Sambucus
Your Umbel Servant
Willingham Edelicious

Graham Mumby

Patriarch or Matriarch on the elder theme, depending on the gender the brewers ascribe to beer
Pitt the Elder
Sambucus, the botanical name for the Elder

Frances Watts

Suggestions for the name –
Statesman Ale
Elder Statesman Ale

Frances Watts

Sorry – our suggestion has been made twice by mistake – not trying to impact the polling – honest!
Can one of the postings be removed please?

Lance Uttridge

Elder Willy – Elder being short for elderflower and Willy being the name of many Willingham land workers from bygone years

The Knowles’

Elder Bank Amber
Elder Bank Ale

The Knowles’

ElderBank Nectar

Name the Beer;
“The Willing Elder”